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Damian Marley - Independence Lyrics (with Tarrus Riley, Wayne Marshall & TOK)

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Damian Marley – Independence Lyrics (with Tarrus Riley, Wayne Marshall & TOK)

[Verse 1:]
Are we independent?
It depends,
On what yuh call independence
Cah di jamaican dollar it doh mek nuh sense an wi still dependent.
Nothing’s different
Cah nobody naah think different,
Dem rather live inna illusion, because di truth hard fi swallow like yuh drink cement.
Mi haffi wonder if a plan ting!!! Or coincidence,
Who have di power of influence?
I.M.F. call shots, push button, world bank pull strings like instruments.
HENCE, things so tense,
Bruk is to pocket like zinc to fence
Mi haffi wonder if wi woulda better off a spend pound and shilling an pence.

I pledge my heart forever to serve with humble pride,
this shining homeland ever, so long as earth abide

[Verse 2:]
Are we independent? Or in pretence,
Gunshots replace pens and pencils,
Most yute naav nuh trade and the few that do can’t afford utensils,
Nor the fundamentals, nor the bare essentials
So dem tek di wrong road an flair off course and crash juss like a rental.
Mi all a wonder if a purpose!!! Or accident,
Dem tax everything dung to oxygen,
Leaders tear di nation down di nation it mash up like di taxi dem
Fix the dents, or face the consequence,
Protest, social unrest been going on for centuries


[Verse 3:]
Are we independent? Or indifferent?
Do we even care what independene is?
Because wi sell out wi coastline, landline, airline, phoneline, online, bloodline, lifeline, deadline, headline, frontline, timeline, electic lightline, trainline, starline, clothes-line, punchline, lunchline
And naural resources gone to foreign sources
Business so exclusive,
isolate di tourists, inna di all inclusive
Don’t give us no excuses, we can withstand he bruises
Tell us wha the truth is!!! (Weh di truth?)


All who pledge to this nation [x2]
Sing it loud an raise yuh hand [x2]
Proud to be a jamaican [x2]
Stand up strong for where you’re from [x2]

[Damian Marley – Independence Lyrics (with Tarrus Riley, Wayne Marshall & TOK)]

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