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Chris August - Kleenex Lyrics

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Chris August – Kleenex Lyrics 

She was the only one in my world
She couldn’t tell me nothing
I looked to her like she was my wife
And then she told me something
I felt my world crashing down from a mile away
Her eyes were filled with rain
She could’ve spared me the words that caused this pain
She didn’t have to do it but she did

I’m tired of running out of Kleenex
Hiding from what she said
Who says a man is not supposed to cry?
I can’t imagine she could do this
No need for excuses
I got enough noise inside my head
I’m tired of running out of Kleenex
Hoping I could be that one and only man that
She would ever love
I’m done with looking for a tissue
She’ll never hear ‘I miss you’
It’s time to wipe her love away

I said ‘You were the only one in my world
That couldn’t tell me nothing’
She said ‘Baby, I’ve made a mistake
Will you let yourself forgive me? ‘
How could she let this temptation get the best of her?
I’ll never understand
This one confession could’ve brought the toughest man to tears
She didn’t have to do it but she did


I never thought that I would be in love like this
I know I’ll never find another love like this
Why’d you have to go and do something like this?
Like this [x2]

[Chorus x2]

To wipe her love away
Wipe her love away
Time to wipe her love away, yeah

[Chris August – Kleenex Lyrics]

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