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Charlotte Gainsbourg - Master's Hands Lyrics

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Charlotte Gainsbourg – Master’s Hands Lyrics 

(Hey hey hey hey… hey hey hey hey…)

Hold my head up, right foot back
Take my hands down, shake my back
Pull my strings and cut my rope
Rattle my frame and shatter my ghost
And if I can’t get back in line
They’re gonna break me down
Till the broad daylight comes through

Breathe out, come alive
Give me a reason to feel

Take my eyes and paint my bones
Drill my brain all full of holes
And patch it up before it leaks
These memories come two by three
And if I catch these master’s hands
Could I spend my days on a discount revelry

Breathe out, come alive
Give me a reason to feel

[Charlotte Gainsbourg – Master’s Hands Lyrics]

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