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Bloc Party. - Ratchet Lyrics

Bloc Party. – Ratchet Lyrics

Who got the beat this time?
Who gonna beat me down?
Tell it, tell it
Who got the beat this time?
Keep it hundred

Whatcha’ gonna show me fam?
Whatcha gonna show me bro?
That ain’t me tho’
You want a word with me?
You want to tell me some?

And tell your bitch, to get off my shit
Smoking on that home roll
You know I keep it on poise

Yeah, I could’ve came out tonight
For a flex and a float
And you know it might
When I get fucked up
When I get half cut
That I make that ‘…’ get rowdy

Make a scene
Make it real
Make it feel
Make it loud
Make it proud
Make it count

(We go, go ratchet)
(We go, you better watch yourself)
(We go, go ratchet)
(We go, you better watch)

I’m-ma let you have your say
But I ain’t let you have your way
I’m-ma see I’m-ma
I’m-ma let you have your say

Like it, like it or
Sit in a club on this street we own
With two shots and a world of pain
And a, two shots, and a

[Lyrics to Ratchet by Bloc Party.]

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