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Attila - Holler At Ya Boy Lyrics

Attila – Holler At Ya Boy Lyrics

Save your breath for the better things. tell it to someone who cares.
I didn’t pay money to hear you complain. I just came to get my buzz on.
I just wanna party all night. so who will join me at the nearest bar?
I don’t believe any lyrics people seem to write these days.
They’re singing just to make that paycheck. their cause is fake. their cause is fake.
Their cause is fake I don’t believe it. so grab a blunt and come on.
Yeah yeah yeah I didn’t say I wanna party for nothing. so where the party at?
Holer at ya boy! its just another day in the life.
I never question where I’ve been or where I came from. I just came to get down.
Sipping a cup of crown with two blunts in my back pocket. yeah. so come with me.
Did you know good times is my middle name?
So lets spark a blunt and get a round of shots. now you can see that we get down. that’s whats up.
Were are caught up in a world of sin. so will you sink.
Or will you swim. that is the question my friend.
This world is tough and its a fight to the top I think were already there get up. or get out.
You will never make it here. holler at ya boy. let me see you move.

[Attila – Holler At Ya Boy Lyrics]

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