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Young Jeezy- What You Talkin' Bout Lyrics

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Young Jeezy- What You Talkin’ Bout Lyrics 

When I done it you know I did it to death (death)
So sit back and hold ya breath (just hold ya breath)
I don’t know about them
I really ran these streets
So listen up as shit get deep (Let’s Go!)

[Verse 1]
You know I’m smoking the best
I ain’t got to brag
The young fly nigga with the Georgia swag
(Yeah!) The seat’s suede
So is the piping
The clientele in Minnesota
And so it the Vikings (Damn!)
Inside so soft
I can’t believe it’s not butter
Snowman bitch
Did I st-st-stutter? (Ha-Ha!)
Came straight from the hood
Right to the big screen
The way the boy ball
You’ll swear he had hoop dreams (Yeah!)
No grants, no scholarships (nah)
Had to make my own way
I still stack them chips (Hey!)
The homey from the block
Coming down with the knowledge (knowledge)
Straight to the pros
Yeah I soared past college (Yeah!)

What you talkin’ bout?
Nigga my life (Hey!)
And I’ma get it all
No matter the price (Ha-Ha!)
When I did it
You know I done it the best
Sit back and just hold ya breath, and just hold ya breath (Yeah!)
What you talkin’ bout?
Changing the game
And showing ya
Half these rappin’ ass niggas is lames (Hey!)
When I did it
You know I done it the best
Sit back and just hold ya breath, and just hold ya breath (Yeah!)

[Verse 2]
They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
I say the blacker the rims the sweeter the coupe (Whoo!)
That money goes out, that sack comes in
I can’t even lie, I’d do it all again (Yeah!)
I flip the rap game
Just like the work (Hey!)
And it was snow white
Just like my shirt
Got in so much paper
Seen so many haters (nah)
Seen bricks stacked tall as skyscrapers (Damn!)
Got damn that’s high (Yeah!)
Done everything I said
So I am that fly (That’s Right!)
Everyone was the truth
Tell me who came realer (Huh?!)
The word on the street is that I’m still that nigga


[Verse 3]
Between love and hate
There’s a thin ass line
I think we all can agree
Last summer was mine (Ha-Ha!)
And if you don’t say my name
Then you wasting your time
And if I don’t wear my watch
Then I’m wasting my shine (Yeah!)
Spend a hundred on it homey
Then set the time
A few mil before the deal
And I’m still on the grind
The critics criticize me
Cause a nigga talking yams
I ain’t sugar coating shit
This is who I am (nah)
Nigga you been to the A
You seen me making it rain
Seen it wit ya own eyes
You know this shit ain’t a game (Yeah!)
So you niggas listen closely
To what I’m saying (saying)
If ya game ain’t money
Then I ain’t playing (Let’s Get It!)


 [Young Jeezy- What You Talkin’ Bout Lyrics]

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