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XV - The Dark Horse (Dark Fantasy Freestyle) Lyrics

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XV – The Dark Horse (Dark Fantasy Freestyle) Lyrics 

Can we get much higher? So high oh
Can we get much higher? So high oh
Can we get much higher? So high oh
Can we get much higher? So high oh

They telling Vizzy to kill it but that’s obvious
Ace or Jesse Ventura, either way, I’m gon body it
Niggas play cool and jump the shark on some Fonzie shit
Crazy, my hustle from just being Po’ got me rich
Paid in full bitch, Slick Rick, joreon
I killed the web hit Safari with the Google Chrome
And every track user share is Media Fire
Who that dude killing the venue, and is he for hire?
Yup, you can ask Mr. Macent that
That’s why I be on planes like the state I rep
Little niggas on blogs try to hate on X
But they ain’t got the Kevin Hart to say with they chest nigga
So fuck that hater, one man rap Laker
One hand behind the back, lay up on these half players
That nigga on Rap Radar is a rap raider
Feeling like Wiz on his last papers saying…
Can we get much higher? Oh
Is this what we doing tonight? Yeah, I think we winning
Like coming home from the dentist, I just got a filling
Where making it is the hero, being broke is the villain
Clouds are the ground and the moon is the ceiling
Victory is close, the question is will I wait? Why?
When I catch her like a predator on Dateline
I’m like a bust when I bust, I don’t waste lines
‘Cause there’s a world outside I’m trying to make mine
Drop an album, win a Grammy, put my boys on
Then I roll with the dough on a croissant
Big house in Japan with a koi pond
Doing this is Double O, you just a decoy Bond
The black Daniel Craig throw you off the ledge
Now I’m drinking your juice and eating your scrambled eggs
The whole crowd standing like the morning pledge
Saying I’m the best like morning head yeah
‘Cause what they do in they first 48, I do in 12
Somebody call the first 48, this shit is killed
Put me in leagues of Ivy like I went to Yale
With tales that the less lyrical niggas couldn’t tell
Y’all must be after L’s like Pollo Loco
Put the game in chokehold, stun your day like Stone Cold
Out in Japan with a bad chick rocking kimonos
She all up in my linen and I ain’t talking Yoko
Rosetta Stone, I get eight in every language like ocho
I’m just way too vocal for these rap locals
But I’m a break the door down with the right force
Make way for the white knight, dark horse


[XV – The Dark Horse (Dark Fantasy Freestyle) Lyrics]

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