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Wisin Y Yandel - Follow The Leader Lyrics (Feat. Jennifer Lopez)

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Editor's comments:
Wisin Y Yandel pair up with Jennifer Lopez for a brand new single titled "Follow The Leader". J Lo was also in charge with directing the video for the song, and it sounds like the track is going to be better than Jenn's own single, "Dance Again".

Wisin Y Yandel – Follow The Leader Lyrics (Feat. Jennifer Lopez)

Ole, ole, ole
Bori, bori, bori, aha!
Ehhh, historico
Ole, ole
Don y yandel
Ole, ole, (quien!?) ole, ole, J.lo!
Ole, ole

Baby, the way that I’m working my body
Can tell that you already like it
I make you lose your cabeza, coloca
Baby we don’t even need any music
Cause we make the beat when we moving
You know that it’s making me hot, hot

We belong to the night, we belong to the music
So let’s live in the moment of freedom that will get you wild
Let’s ignite this fire up, across the world we take it up
Let me hear you screaming out loud

When I say go,
When I say viva
We’ll take it low
Let’s lose control
When I say go
We’ll get it louder
Let’s make it blow
Let’s lose control

[Lyrics to Follow The Leader performed by Wisin Y Yandel (Feat. Jennifer Lopez)]

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