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Waka Flocka Flame - Bustin' At 'Em Lyrics

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Waka Flocka Flame – Bustin’ At ‘Em Lyrics 

[Cop talking]
I just don’t get it anymore.
They don’t even gang-bang with a purpose.
Cold-hearted killers that barely that barely got facial hair.
I’m tired of tryin’ to get through.
These days you try to be a hero, and your wife’ll end up wearin’ black listenin’ to a 21 gun salute.
I just don’t understand these young men.
Maybe I should quit fightin’ what I don’t understand.
Hmmm..I can’t keep up with this too much longer.

[Waka Flocka]
Pow [x8]
Shoot first, ask questions last.
Thats how these so called gangsta’s last.
Waka Flocka Flame 1017

[Chorus – Waka Flocka]
Pow [x4], Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
Pow [x4], Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
Pow [x4], Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
Ain’t no talkin’ homie, I’m jus’ bustin’ at ’em
Pow [x4], Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
Pow [x4], Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
Pow [x4], Bitch I’m bustin’ at ’em
Ain’t no talkin’ homie, I’m jus’ bustin’ at ’em

[Waka Flocka]
I been gettin’ this, see like then like my name was Gillie’
Grow a sumo on my face, call me flocka-Philly
Nigga what’s the dealy, Lemme know what’s brackin’
Ain’t no cameras around here nigga stop that actin’
Bitch I’m ’bout that action, subtract em’ like a fraction
Everybody packin, like hit miss Minaj ass
Kush smell like garbage, nigga take some homage
Then got a hood, now that bitch call me finest
Mizay management shit thats my mother
Yellow diamond fuzzy chain, shit that bitch like butter

Bitch I’m like no otha’, rap nigga
You can call me good, broke-ass rap nigga


KY Engineerin’, fuzzy got ’em steerin’
Fuzzy diamond earin’s, M6 with them steerin’s
??, re-rack diamond earin’s
That some John Dearin’s, nigga who you scarin’
Shawty I’m tatted up, you can call me inky
All I do is get brains, you can call me pinky
Like you just like rinky, right nigga
I got my swagga’, right nigga
I heard they got a price tag on a nigga head
You got a better chance snitchin’, nigga blowin’ feds
You thug yo’ own brains, let me make yo’ death bed
Suicide shawty , shot his own self red


Waka waka waka flocka flocka waka waka yeah!
Waka flocka flocka flocka FLAME!
Waka flocka flocka waka flocka flocka waka flocka FLOCKA!
Waka flocka flocka waka waka flocka flocka yeah! Waka flocka flocka flocka BRIIIIIIIIIHSQUUUUUAAAAAD!! FLOCKA!

[Church bells fading]

[Waka Flocka Flame – Bustin’ At ‘Em Lyrics]

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