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Uriah Heep - Your Love Lyrics

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Uriah Heep – Your Love Lyrics 

Your love, your love, your love

I’ve got to do it
Gotta find a direction in my life
You can’t have me through it
I know that you do it
But it’s my fight

Why don’t you leave me alone
To drive down this windin’ road
I’m alive
It just doesn’t feel the same
For my love for you has changed

But your love
It never leaves me alone
For your love
Is in the world of its own
But your love
It never leaves me alone

You’re sayin’ that you need me
But the words don’t come easy
Just hold on
I know that I lied
When I told you goodbye
Just keep hangin’ on
Time won’t keep waiting’
I’ve gotta do something with my life
You can’t have me through it
But I know that do it, but it’s my fight

[Uriah Heep – Your Love Lyrics]

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