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Tyketto - Dig in Deep (2012) Album Tracklist

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"Dig in Deep" (2012)
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Audio CD Release DateApril 24, 2012

Tyketto – Dig in Deep (2012) Album Tracklist – Complete Official Album Song List, including the latest song updates and album details.

Album Information:

“Dig In Deep” is Tyketto’s sixth full length studio album and the first in eighteen years to be recorded by the original line up: Danny Vaughn (lead vocals), Brooke St. James (lead guitar/backing vocals), Jimi Kennedy (bass/backing vocals) and Michael Clayton (drums/backing vocals).

Audio CD (April 24, 2012)
Original Release Date: 2012
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Frontiers Records

Tyketto – Dig in Deep (2012) Album Tracklist:

1. Faithless
2. Love to Love
3. Here’s Hoping It Hurts
4. Battle Lines
5. The Fight Left in Me
6. Evaporate
7. Monday
8. Dig in Deep
9. Sound Off
10. Let This One Slide
11. This Is How We Say Goodbye

Below you can listen to some of he songs on the album:

Tyketto – Sound Off:

Tyketto – Love To Love:

Tyketto – Faithless:

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Tyketto - Dig in Deep (2012) Album Tracklist

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