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Tyga - Splatter Lyrics

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Tyga – Splatter Lyrics

It’s that one shot splatter, burst, splatter gun, wrap
Tighter, tighter, tap dance off a ladder, leave my nuts splatter on an apparatus
Use a faggot, fast fuck her in her pantsy, fabric ain’t neccessing
You drop on aside, it drops like melasses, paranoia on you, ‘cause it’s blood on your fabric.
Bitch stretched out backseat of a navi, hold in your breath, cold sweats, nerve spasms,
I’m sick, damn, it’s the others.
Couldn’t say the bitch killed the brother, lesbians, two mothers, no need for rubbers,
Rescuing, let the couch, couldn’t see apart, though
You’re not in my game, you’re too late for the auto.
I’m humble, keep everyone awake, shovel,
Hold up in my cake like a funnel.

I knew that shit. I’ve seen this shit all happen, but I’ve never been a witness
Problem I die, but I’ll never been forgiven.
Purchases came, confidence is already driven.
Cop like calls, wind low, front seat, never let go.
Let them things fly like seagulls, you gonna feel it in the air like sick-o, nigger,
When them shots- bang
Pick a condo, pick a condom, fuck a bitch, made her think about nothing
And she about nothing, then I’m done after nothing,
Thank you for your time, and let her leave, fuck.

[Tyga – Splatter Lyrics]

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