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Trace Adkins - Them Lips (On Mine) Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
Trace Adkins released a song that kinda entirely sounds like a pick-up line in a bar.
The song is titled "Them Lips (On Mine)" and it's bound to get the ladies craving for some attention.

Trace Adkins – Them Lips (On Mine) Lyrics

Why you talkin’ with ’em baby
How come they’re sippin’ on ice cold beer
Why you rubbin’ maybelline on ’em
When you should be puttin’ those lips right here,

They look lonely and need some kissin’
So why you sittin’ way over there
Bring ’em on over, you got my permission to get to puttin’ them lips right here.

On mine, all night
Any other thing you’re thinking ’bout doing tonight, tonight
Wouldn’t be nothing but a waste of time for them lips

I want to make this crystal clear.
You see this big smile smiling back at you babe, well I want you to put your lips right here

[Lyrics to Them Lips (On Mine) performed by Trace Adkins]

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