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Third Day - Mama Lyrics

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Third Day – Mama Lyrics

Hey mama, take a look at me now
Things are going fine here in the big town
Hey mama, if you could only see
All of my friends and how they love me.

And I know you say I need Jesus
Mama can’t you see I’m doing fine
And I know you say I need Jesus
But mama I ain’t got the time. No, no.

Hey mama, it’s been two long years
Since I have seen you – how I need you here
Hey mama, things they aren’t the same
Since I last wrote you – Yea things have changed

[Repeat Chorus]
Well everything’s going wrong
No, I can’t take it no more [repeat]
I need Jesus, forgive me
Come into my life. Come into my heart.
Precious Jesus

[Repeat Chorus]

[Third Day – Mama Lyrics]

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