The Saturdays Premiere Official Music Video For "30 Days"

Published On : April 5, 2012

The Saturdays Unveil The New Video For “30 Days”

Yes indeed it’s finally here! The Saturdays ease the suspense and premiere the new music video for their latest single “30 Days”. Are you surprised to see the official music video so soon? I know we are! But you have to know that the release was the result of one big misunderstanding. TheUKpop divas were forced to release the video in advance after MTVUKaired “by mistake” the full clip instead of a short teaser. Shame on you MTV! Ok ok, just kidding. The music channel had no previous approval from The Saturdays record label, hence the premature VEVO premiere of the “30 Days” video.

So what started as a big bummer for the gals, turned out to be a great treat for the fans even if we missed out on all the promotional gigs and TV shows meant to build up anticipation for the clip. Truthfully, and maybe you agree, at times all the buildup gets incredibly boring. So, now that the clip is out, aren’t you curious to know what it’s all about?

Well, the whole video shows us the girls trying to animate a dreadfully dull speed dating dinner. The lovely ladies don’t seem very impressed by their wooers, but they eventually end up challenging everyone to a party to get things on track. Isn’t fantasy just wonderful?

Another pretty cool inside scoop about the video is the fact that band member, Una Healy was pregnant during the video shoot. So in order to show their full support, the girls were only shot from the waist up throughout the whole clip. In one frame, Una does indeed show-off her bump, as she pats her belly during a conversation with a potential prince charming just to let him know he gets an all inclusive package if he wants to date her. Kind of like the ole 2 for 1 kind of deal.

Curious to know how the video for “30 Days” turned out? Have a look below and watch it.

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