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The Dream - Kill The Lights Lyrics (Feat. Casha)

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Editor's comments:
The Dream is getting ready to take his show on the road, but before he does, the rapper dropped another new single titled "Kill The Lights" which is actually going to be the name of the tour too.

The song features vocals from Dreams up and coming new artist, Casha, and it will be featured on his upcoming album "The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman" which is set for release in the supper of 2012.

The Dream – Kill The Lights Lyrics (Feat. Casha)

[VERSE 1; The Dream]
Girl you’re so Wonderful
Hold me never let go
I love you like that
What we got Phenomenal
I’ll go wherever you want to go
I love you like that

Kill the lights
Kill the lights
Kill the lights
Kill the lights
I want to set fire to the darkness
I want to lay flames where your heart is tonight
Kill the lights

[VERSE 2: The Dream]
Take my hand lover
They’ll be no other
I love you like that
Let me take it from here

Talk that shit
Roc Me
Back and froth
Let me love you back

[Hook] X CASHA

Lay your hand on me
Put your heart there on me
Fire take us from here
Ignite us
Don’t let them divide us
Every kiss
Every touch
Girl I love you so much
Let me touch
Love you so much

[Lyrics to Kill The Lights performed by The Dream (Feat. Casha)]

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