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The Acacia Strain - Servant In The Place of Truth Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
The Acacia Strain recently signed with Rise Records and they put out a song to assure fans that they haven't changed.
The track is titled "Servant In The Place of Truth" and it has the same interesting beats to which the band has gotten us accustomed to.

The Acacia Strain – Servant In The Place of Truth Lyrics

Grab life by the throat and tear out its eyes.
Victims of the myth that everyone dies.
Buried alive from the inside out.
The maggots will crawl from your pretty mouth.
You dig the hole, I’ll find the bodies.
Silent lies.
Quiet eyes.
No surprise.
Dead will rise.
You dig the hole, I’ll find the bodies.
I feel like I am losing my breath.
The weight of the world is crushing me to death.
Cursed are the living we envy the dead.
There never will be a light up ahead.
When the sun sees its final set,
And we all choke our final breath.
Underneath all the coughing and hacking;
You will hear me, I will die laughing.

[Lyrics to Servant In The Place of Truth performed by The Acacia Strain]

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