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Teairra Mari - Go DJ Lyrics (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

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Teairra Mari – Go DJ Lyrics (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

What about one time, what about dj,
Go go go dj dj dj

Scream, scream

Baby baby, what it be
You gotta going on we in vip
Waiting on you, you waiting on me
Dj prada song for tt
Hands up high up in the air
Take a look around i’m a player
Bottles pop glasses filled
This song is half for real
It’s on from dropping wheel
You ain’t make it feel the way
You got to fill the way
I’m taking on your bills away
Here’s the way i seals the day
Lock you down fire you up
We in the club not giving

I bet is gone, i bet is cold
I don’t want not be alone
All my girls calling and sayin the curtain is going down
So i jumped out doing my close
Not in my..Not turned on the radio
I heard this song not did make me up my mind

Dj don’t play the song till i get there
Don’t play my favorite song till i get there
It depends on you to make me feel alright
You know what i like
So dj don’t play that song till i get there
You know it’s gonna be on when i get there
Move move ’cause i need that jet tonight
What about one time, what about dj,
Go go go dj dj dj
What about one time, what about dj,
Go go go dj dj dj

The way you lie i’m vip
Know everybody looking at me
The music’s loud and i can tell the club is going down yeah
Already boss but i need but one trick
I’m in the rush i got an emergency
I’m heading for the dance floor when i hear the sound

[2 x chorus:]

[Lyrics to Go DJ performed by Teairra Mari (Feat. Snoop Dogg)]

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