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Tamia - Falling For You Lyrics

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Tamia – Falling For You Lyrics 

1 – Could I be falling for you
Is this a fantasy come true
Is this a dream that I’ve waited for
Am I the one that you adore

2 – Whoa, Whoa
I think I’m falling for you
Whoa, whoa, whoa
What am I suppose to do
Cuz you make me feel
Like I’m falling in love
Am I falling for you

Could it be love
Tell me boy, is it true
I get a rush when I think about you

Lose control
From my body and my soul
And when you hold me
I don’t want to let go
(You give me reason)
You give me reason
Every reason just to
Love you babe
Everything that you do
Is so amazing
I can’t believe what
Your body makes me wanna do
I’m having visions
Of me all over you

Repeat 2

But, you must have known
Though I try to disguise
The way I feel
Was there fire in my eyes
On that night
When our bodies intertwined
I knew right there and then
That you will be mine

Repeat 1

(Adore, tell me)

Repeat 2
Repeat 2

Every day
You seem to find a way to
Make me go crazy
I just can’t understand
But let me tell you one thing
You make me wanna sing

Repeat 2
Repeat 2
Repeat 2
Repeat 2
Repeat 2

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

[Tamia – Falling For You Lyrics]

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