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Sweet Little Jesus boy Lyrics

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Sweet Little Jesus boy Lyrics Christmas Carol Song 

Sweet little Jesus Boy
They made You be born in a manguh manger
Sweet little Holy chil’
Didn’t know who You wus was
Didn’t know You’d come to save us Lawd
To take our sins away

Our eyes wus bline was blind
We couldn’t see
We didn’t know who You wus was
Long time ago You wus bawn was born
Bawn in a manguh manger low
Sweet little Jesus Boy
De worl’ the world treat You mean, Lawd
Treat me mean too
But please, Suh, fuhgive
Sir, forgive us Lawd
We didn’t know ’twas You

Sweet little Jesus Boy
Bawn born long time ago
Sweet little Holy chil’
An’ we didn’t know who You wus was

[Sweet Little Jesus boy Lyrics Christmas Carol Song]

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