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Sufjan Stevens - Vesuvius Lyrics

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Sufjan Stevens – Vesuvius Lyrics 

Vesuvius, I am here
You are all I have
Fire of fire, I’m insecure
For it has all been made to plan

Though I know I will fail
I cannot be made to laugh
For in life as in death
I’d rather be burned than be living in debt

Vesuvius, are you ghost?
Or the symbols of light? Or of fantasy host?
In your breast I carry the form
The heart of the earth and the weapons of warmth

Vesuvius, the tragic oath
For you have destroyed the elegant smoke
Oracle, I fought him at last
They were the feast of a permanent blast

Vesuvius, oh be kind
It hasn’t occurred, no it hasn’t been said
Sufjan, follow the path
It leads to an article of eminent death

Sufjan, follow your heart
Follow the flame, or fall on the floor
Sufjan, the panic inside
The murdering ghost that you cannot ignore

Vesuvius, fire of fire
Follow me now, as I favor the host

Vesuvius, fire of fire
Follow me now, as I favor the ghost

Follow me now, or follow me down
Why does it have to be so hard?

[Sufjan Stevens – Vesuvius Lyrics]

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