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Soulja Boy - Swisher Sweet Swag Lyrics (feat. Kreayshawn & V.I.C)

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Soulja Boy – Swisher Sweet Swag Lyrics (feat. Kreayshawn & V.I.C) 

Five gold chains and you know I do my thing bitch
It’s Soulja Boy tell ’em, man these rappers on that lame shit
I came out the water
Standing on the carpet
Five gold chains like a black, pink dolphin (WOO)
Gold grill shawty
Blast gang, gang gang gang
Money gang montana and you know I do my damn thing
Swagged up shawty, yea I made swag he
40 on my wrist, and I swagged out the asshole
Young choppa banana clips gone leave swago-tango
Nigga talking all that shit, but my diamonds like a rainbow
Bitch I swag, like a cango
Okay, I hit you in yo ankle
Bitch I ride, round my trap
It’s so fly, so if you say so
It’s okay though, I’m gon’ play hoe
I’m gon’ ball like [?]
All my money, yea my pesos
Bitch you get back,
You like legos
So you black

Swisher Sweet Swag [x7]
Kush, smoking loud when I
Swisher Sweet Swag
Girls on now when I
Swisher Sweet Swag [x5]

Soulja Boy got the cash bruh
Red iPhone like, swag swag swag swag bruh
Came out the water like back to the future
Got so much money, got it off of the computer
Macbook PRO
Bitch I’m shawty Lo
Tumblr on a hoe
Google+ my dawg
Niggas getting mad cause I sold out my show
Pretty boy gang, pretty boy mod
Shouts out Kreayshawn, that’s that white girl mob
The girl suck my dick like corn on a cob
You flexin in my hood, I bet you get yo ass robbed
It’s halloween season
It’s yellow diamond Beezy
I came out the water beefin
Fuck a peace treaty
I’m beefin with my own niggas
I’m beefin with my own state
I gives a fuck about yo face
I shoot yo bitch up in yo face


[Soulja Boy – Swisher Sweet Swag Lyrics (feat. Kreayshawn & V.I.C)]

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