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Soulja Boy - Stop Kony Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
Soulja Boy comes to the aid of Invisibile Children organization, and joins their "#KONY2012" campaign. The artist released a promotional song to raise awareness, in which he drops a few simple lines about how evil Kony really is.

Soulja Boy – Stop Kony Lyrics

Kony 2012
Right now, there are more people on Facebook that there are on the planet
Humanity’s greatest desire is to walk and connect
And now we see each other!
Stop knony, stop kony
Stop knony, stop kony
I got a life… and seven and a half days

Stop kony, man, I can’t believe is going down
From my town, to your town, they’re taking kids,
turn them into soldiers, put a gun in his hand and his life is over
Is getting so crazy, got to take it over
We gonna start kony it’s 20 over
It’s 2012 ten summers
Kid…. take him to the jungle
Aka 47… never seen his daddy, never seen his momma
This is history, all you gotta do is believe
Soulja Boy … almost leave…

New rules
The next twenty seven minutes are an experiment
Stop knony, stop kony
Stop knony, stop kony
We can do it ya
Stop Kony before it’s too late!

[Lyrics to Stop Kony performed by Soulja Boy]

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