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Snoop Dogg- Freaky Tales Lyrics

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Snoop Dogg- Freaky Tales Lyrics

These are the tales, the freaky tales
These are the tales that I tell so well
These are the tales, the freaky tales
These are the tales that I tell so well
I met this girl, her name was Joan
She loved the way I rocked on the microphone
When I met Joan, I took her home
She was just like a doggie all on my bone
I met another girl, her name was Ann
All she wanted was to freak with a man
When I met Ann, I shook her hand
We ended up freakin by a garbage can
The next young freak, I met was Red
I took her to my house and she gave me head
She like blowin dicks, is all she said
We jumped in the sheets and we broke my bed
There’s another girl, her name is Sherry
You talk about sex and the girl acts scary
I heard she was freakin from my big brother Jerry
Took her to my crib and I popped that cherry
Young and tender, sweet Denise
Get her in the bed and the girl’s a beast
I tell you homeboy if you get a piece
She’ll only start talkin bout signin a lease
I met a young tender, her name is Lori
An X-Rated movie wouldn’t tell her story
She had a twin sister, her name was Lisa
And just like Lori she’s a real dick pleaser
My girlfriend’s name, was Michelle
Her booty was bigger than the tail on a whale
When I freaked Michelle, I freaked her well
Her pussy got hotter than the flames of Hell
I G’d this girl, her name was Tammi
I didn’t wanna do it cause the bitch was ?flantly?
She had a best friend, her name was Janet
I pulled her to the side and I spit that game
I had a lot of freaks, in my lifespan
I freaked one night, with this girl named Pam
The very next day, I saw her with her man
One week passed, and I was in her again
I had an old tender, her name’s Jeanine
She was thirty-eight and I was only seventeen
She likes to freak, she’s just a fiend
It really didn’t matter when I saw her in jeans
I want a big freak, fat and sloppy
I kick on back, and watch the hoe just mop me
Two tons of fun, Big Mad Magenta
A country broad from Alabama
I met this freak, her name was Beth
Her pussy got wet and it smelled like death
I was tired as Hell, I was drippin sweat
but I was all up in her tryin to hold my breath
Bake, and, shake, ups
I met this freak in Vegas
She she said her name was Don-na
She was a ?belt? lil’ freak from Chi-na
I said, “I don’t pimp, or gigolo
I’m havin so much paper I don’t need a hoe
You can break yourself, but you can’t break me
You never met a player like Snoop baby”
I knew a dick sucker named Betty Joe
I took her to my house and we did it on the flo’
The girl got freaky let me tell you mo’
She was down on her knees, beggin to blow
She’s like another freak, named Renee
You get her all alone and she’ll make your day
Like Burger King, she knows the play
and with a freak like Renee you can Have It Your Way
These are the tales, the freaky tales
These are the tales that I tell so well
These are the tales, the freaky tales
These are the tales that I tell so well!

[Snoop Dogg- Freaky Tales Lyrics]

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