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Slaughterhouse - Gone Lyrics (Feat. K-Young)

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Slaughterhouse – Gone Lyrics (Feat. K-Young)

[Intro: DJ Drama]
So for love..
It’s what the game did to us
It’s what a mean is

[Hook: K-Young]
The wrong man spinnin’
My mind is running around in circles
I can’t even hear the thoughts I’m thinkin’
Cuz I’m gone, I’m gone, gone gone
Cuz I’m gone, I’m gone, gone gone

[Verse 1: Crooked I]
Talkin’ to myself, I tell me Crooked is real as this
Life is a bitch and death wanna steal a kiss
Slap you when you’re born, when you’re gone they feel your wrist
To see if your pulse still exist
Living in the belly, of the beast is a real abyss
Walk in a straight line is what you entertain
Then you slang, you pay your bills, that‘s your yin and yang
The daily challenge to find balance within your brain
There’s something else, living inside your heart other than your pain
I look as life as a lesson
For me to change is like a Rolex for a gift
No better time than the present
If not, I’mma be smokin’ chronic
Drinkin’ on vodka till I choke on my own vomit cause life’s a broken promise


[Verse 2: Royce Da 5’9″]
When that Slaughterhouse album comin’? What’s the ETA?
Where that good music at? Where that beat from ‘Ye?
Is Crooked and Yaowa were only in that group to keep
From being in the streets to distribute yay
Is Royce and Marshall ‘bout to link and go their secret way
Is Joe gonna start a show with all his hoes
Like he the protégé of Stevie J for easy pay
Before y’all become a memory
Would y’all please do a song with Kendrick, Young Money, and MMG?
These questions and suggestions they hard to maintain
When you fuck with Flex but you worry ‘bout what Charlemagne think?
Cause you from the D and you don’t get no radio play in ya own home
Long as y’all playing Sean I’m good, I’m grown
Nigga I’m gone


[Verse 3: Joell Ortiz]
Have you ever tried to stop crying but couldn’t?
Them shots fly in my hood and
Sometimes it’ll force a guy to say bye bye to a good one
Dust some slacks from in the back of that closet and button up
Don’t crumble up, when you approaching his mother that hug is tough
It’ll make you asthmatic, some can’t hack it but look at me
I wear my hat backwards and rap fantastic cuz I’m a G
Royce, pause that block, I ride past that for them B’s
But my niggas mathematics? Bad traffic, still in the streets
As long as they there, I’m there survivin’ for them ones
But they won’t stay there, I swear
I’mma write ‘em out the slums
So when a gun is drawn in the hood, man they good, on my tour bus
Puffing bumping this song, fucking fans feeling lucky we gone


[Verse 4: Joe Budden]
Thought we were defying the odds, I thought that we weathered the storm
I thought that we’d travel the same road, I thought that we’d never conform
Don’t tell me you bastards tricked me, don’t tell me that I was just wrong
Cause now I’m masked and it gets to me, whenever we’re about to perform
Though it was about to heat up, it’s taking a while to get warm
It’s not the fact that I love niggas, and we all get along
I swear done been got
Though we could all se the writing on the wall
And after (?) was really excited as before
Maybe the fact I’ve been solo so long
It’s gotta sport me all or when I’m annoyed and try to avoid
Becoming a victim of loyalty
We was so cuttin’ edge we let the label cut the fucking edge
My address is the fucking ledge
Won’t be unhappy, I know how I get in this state
If I let them fuck me this time, it’ll be considered rape
We were saviours on our own terms
I’ve learned if any three of you have wavered
Let me know so I can wave good… Nah

[Slaughterhouse – Gone Lyrics (Feat. K-Young)]

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