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Sean Kingston- That Ain't Right Lyrics

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Sean Kingston- That Ain’t Right Lyrics

That ain’t right (that ain’t right)
He ain’t messing with a G no more
’cause I’m on my grind
And you said it’s either or
Coming late at night
And you fussing when I walk in the door
And that ain’t nice
Girl, you make me wanna leave for sure

I’m in the studio laying out tracks
My girl keep tripping off that
Blowing up my phone like where I’m at
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
She said she one more time
But baby I’m on my grind
I’m trying to get my shine
And I feel like you holding me back

[Hook (x2):]
Me no like the way you treat me girl
Sit down lets talk lemme reason girl
I know I be deceiving you girl
’cause I really wanna hold you down


Now she’s messing with a Cat
’cause I’m grindin chasing these stacks
Say she’s gonna leave and never come back
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Baby I’m not gonna lie
I think you’re wasting my time
I trying to get my shine and I feel like you’re holding me back

[Hook x2]


You make me wanna leave and get away
But music is what I breathe, so, baby
Stop stressing me — this is what I do
Baby, let me be or I can’t be with you

[Hook x2]


[Sean Kingston- That Ain’t Right Lyrics]

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