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Ray J- Jump Off Lyrics

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Ray J- Jump Off Lyrics

I know we ain’t talked in a while give me a minute
I’ve got somethin on my chest to get off I need you to listen lord
It got me trippin lord
I’m even sippin lord
Can’t get it off my mind
Can’t even sleep at night
I tried to talk to mama all my friends and my pastor
No one gave any good advice so I’m gettin at ya
Because I’m so confused I don’t know what to do
Like comparin a Bentley to a Honda can’t compare the two

I don’t know how it got like this
But I know that it’s serious
Choosin who to be with
Leaving me sleepless
Oh can you help me
Better yet tell me girl

One girl is my jump off
One girl is my wife
I done fell in love with both and I can’t decide
So tell me what to do
Cause I don’t know which one to choose
I just don’t know

I was scared I was fallin too deep off with my pimpin
If I kept on playin russian roulette with all of these women like
I guess I broke a rule cause I ain’t play it cool
But that ain’t no excuse cause that’s just what I do
Or either that you were tryna teach me a lesson
To appreciate what I got or recognize the blessin
And so I see it now
And plus I’m bleedin now for you to show me a sign and help me figure out



I’m in the worst situation
I mean I love my wife
But I’m in love with my jump off, too


[Ray J- Jump Off Lyrics]

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