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Public Enemy - Black Is Back Lyrics

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Public Enemy – Black Is Back Lyrics

[verse 1]
Full blown
Rap rock and roll
Whatever happened to solid gold?
Aint like it cant and wont get sold
Sold by the same cats
Stole yo soul
Back on a track
That dont sound too old
Whats goin on? i dont know its trouble
Back in black to bust that bubble
Black supermans back and not daredevil
Dont wear throwbacks
Cause im a throwback
So i threw that throwback on the racks
So lets go back
Way on back
Before 8 tracks and cadillacs
Cats still on crack
Screamin what they lack
It started with your baby on similac
Dont get me started
Get it up to speed
Gettin back your soul
Is what you need

[verse 2]
Get on the soul train
Getcha soul drained
If ya souls drained
Backed right to yo brain
Keep the peoples away from pe the peeps
So the top 10 joints
Keep em all asleep
So what they got
You think is hot
But the real things in life
Your soul forgot
Dont hear it on the radio
Or mtv
I damn dont know about b-e-t

[verse 3]
If we cant reach em
Damn cant teach em
Somebody hatin
Cause we gots the information
Do this once a moon
Like an eclipse
So back to them politics
Off my lips
Tell the scurred beware of them ghetto tricks
Tell the government
Please stay off my dick
The criss whatever i never sip
Keep the whole damn bottle
I dont even trip

[Public Enemy – Black Is Back Lyrics]

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