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Porcelain Black - Swallow My Bullet Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
Porcelain Black takes revenge on her record label for not promoting a single yet, by putting out an angry new song which is titled "Swallow My Bullet".
The track is produced by RedOne and it's a biter-rock tune which is meant as a protest against her record label, Universal Republic Records.

Porcelain Black – Swallow My Bullet Lyrics

I know you wanna wanna x2
My mind’s about to slip, I wanna wanna get down
Another round, please
Gimme a microphone cause I wanna get loud, so so loud, yeah
You probably think that I am crazy lately
but I just wanna be your slave pretty baby
Down on my knees like a nun, please save me
I wanna have it, I wanna wanna have it, oh oh

You know I’m gonna gonna get you
The world’s a tiny place, there’s nowhere you can hide
I know you’re gonna gonna love me
My guns are loaded and I got you in my sight
(yeah yeah oh oh oh)
Swallow my bullets
(oh oh oh oh-oh)
I know you wanna wanna
(yeah yeah oh oh oh)
Swallow my bullets
I know you wanna wanna x 3

Come out, come out and play
Like clickety clack, clickety clack, yeah
You’ll be my ricochet, you’re gonna hit me right back, hit me right back, yeah
And you will beg me til you’re crazy, baby
and I’m just gonna tell ya maybe, maybe
Oh I just love it when you’re misbehaving
I wanna have it, I wanna wanna have it, oh oh.


I keep on chasing, you keep on running
And I don’t know why, why, why, why
I’m like a vulture, and you’re my victim
I catch you every time, time, time, time

Chorus x 2

[Lyrics to Swallow My Bullet performed by Porcelain Black]

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