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Plan B - Happy As Larry Lyrics (feat. Larrikin Love)

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Plan B – Happy As Larry Lyrics (feat. Larrikin Love) 

On September 3rd 2003 I was softly touched by a warm summer breeze
With bluetits flocking, and swerving, my accuracy well it’s quite unnerving, I stole into a burnt orange field
Which once was green but lost it’s ziel, to prance and dance and sing around which is not condoned in the centre of town
And as I crunched those crispy leaves I walked towards the shaded tree, to find a young girl lying there, drifting off, without a care her face was covered by a straw hat, happy as Larry and all o’ that well I shouted out to wake her up she was skipping school in the burning hot.

Chorus 1*

(and as I tried to get her to speak I realised the little girl was not asleep
I moved her hat to find that her face was gray
Her knickers wrapped around her ankles it’s not funny!)

Theres a breh called Larry
Following a girl called Annie walking down a dark alley, that leads to a park where Sally
A mate of Annie’s who must be late, said she’ll meet her at the gate, but she ain’t there and Annie’s scared coz now she’s aware that Larry’s there,
she don’t wanna walk through the park at night, but Larry’s in the alley and it’s dark alright, so all she can do is go that way, and hope that Larry is a girl or a gay, coz truesay, she can’t see who it is, if she could she’d be losing her shit, running like nobody’s business, coz Larry’s little head is full of thoughts of sickness, and all he wants to do, is grab little Annie and screw, the life out of her literally he ain’t evil he’s the opitamy, the opitamy.
And now he’s closing in, where the park bench stops and the trees begin, no conscience as he sleezes in, what if he don’t slip so easily in.

Chorus 2*

(Children please beware!
Happy as Larry and all o’ that
Happy as Larry and all o’ that)

Annie ain’t dreaming, He’s grabbed her but Annie ain’t screaming, coz he’s gagged her weilding a knife saying he’s gonna stab her if she tries running away she’ll get a dagger straight through the heart this ain’t love, it’s rape and murder straight Blood! ain’t dripping from his knife, thats not how he takes her life
Larry says ‘Bitch get in touch with nature’
Fucking sick cunt laughs as he rapes her
rapes her
rapes her
hand over mouth he suffacates her
takes her
life away
takes her
life away
takes her
life away
takes her
Life away!

Chorus 1*

There’s a guy called Barry, looking for Larry walking down the same alley, that leads to the park where Annie
The daughter of Barry that was gagged and raped when she went to meet Sally her so called mate
her so called mate who said she’d wait
said she’d meet her at the gate, but weren’t there and now Barry knows why, Barry knows Larry knows Sally coz Si
Short for Simon a policeman Barry knew back when he was a fireman, let it slip that Sally was the bitch that Larry used as bait, to find girls and become their mates and set them up to get fucked and raped he said there’ll be no justice, if we left it to the system so if you want justice, don’t say a word my friend just listen, Larrys meeting Sally in the park
at 8pm
when it gets dark, take this gun and wear this mask, do it right, make it fast

Chorus 2*

Barrys waiting in the alley with his gun and his baliclava thinking ’bout the way Larry took away Annie from her father, He wants to end this cunts life teach him about karma, a bullet straight between the eyes and one for his bitch after
Sallys there now he can see her waiting, there’s a guy st the top of the road waving, at Sally thats Larry its blatent, Barry moves fast from the alley to the pavement, two bullets to make their heads cave in, one each to teach ’em ’bout taking
life yes life is Gods for taking but this god is godforsaken

[Plan B – Happy As Larry Lyrics (feat. Larrikin Love)]

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