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Pepper - Drunk Girl Lyrics

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Pepper – Drunk Girl Lyrics 

hey, it’s been a long time love
since i’ve seen you around
you’ve made a few mistakes
but you’ve reached a higher ground

how long will you stay
and will we watch the sun rise
oh i see your seas
and the tide is getting high

and i don’t believe those screaming words you say
and i don’t believe that you go both ways
and oh, the only reason you’re here with me
is cuz i love a drunk girl

oh oh oh oh oh yea
and you’re just a drunk girl
oh oh oh oh oh yea
and i love a drunk girl
am i the one to save you love?
cuz you’re just that drunk girl
oh oh oh oh yea, uh

now don’t i make you feel nice
how i remembered your name
remember back in school
when you pushed me thru the rain

well now i want you to feel
that there’s no safer place
i’ll hold your hair for you
and pull the toilet from your face

and my friends don’t believe that that’s all it takes
and your girls can’t believe that i could be that mistake
but oh! the only reason you’re here with me
is cuz i love a drunk girl


you try to kiss me baby
you’re screaming let me lady
you’re running hot and heavy
most people think you’re crazy

i’m trying to keep it steady
you’re wet and wreckless honey
don’t spit out on me lady
because i need you ready

and i always knew it would come ot this
and in the morning i’ve got you off my list
but oh, the only reason you were with me
is you’re just a drunk girl


[Pepper – Drunk Girl Lyrics]

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