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Nicki Minaj - Dirty Money (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
Nicki Minaj wasn't always a Harajaku Barbie, a new video surfaced from her early days with a rap song sung by a very different version of the Minaj we all know and love now.

Nicki Minaj – Dirty Money (Freestyle) Lyrics

i don’t wanna sound mad
i feel marvelous right now
dirty money

tell the bitch with the crown who run like chris brown
round three round i’ma need to hundred town
like china town bitch is better ..down
oh you ain’t know bet the bitches know now

f*ck i gotta let em know that i’m the one
way i ride the .they salute me in the slum
in the six hun’ the color the bubble gum
i’m with the nigga spits and with ym nigga bit crum

yes i’m the one i’m the mother f*cking one
no more wait then the big..pun
bitches talk slip but they ain’t sayin none
man ’cause i’m bad two sticks in my bon

yes sir look what i’ve done
they run run run when i come
i’m stickin with ..let me tell you where i’m from
please little mama ..

[Nicki Minaj – Dirty Money (Freestyle) Lyrics]

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