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Newsboys- Say You Need Love Lyrics

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Newsboys- Say You Need Love Lyrics 

You’ve been looking for shelter
On a cloudless day, there’s no rain
You’re keeping pennies in your pocket
For a bottle full of spare change, just in case
And if the glass ain’t half empty then it’s broken
It helps you escape from the pain
You throw the baby with the bath water
Over and over again
Turn the page

You say you need love
Tell me where does that get you
When push comes to shove
Who you gonna run to
Turn your eyes above
He unconditionally loves you
Nothing you can say or do
Will change his love for you

Heard it said you’re an accident, biological mistake
So you’re a love child, who could say it better
A physical grace, a perfect display

Has someone you trusted left you betrayed
Has someone who loved you thrown love away
Do you see God? does he have a face?
Looks like your father’s, how does it relate?
You’re scared of being let down
Tell me

Don’t be afraid
Don’t shy away
He’ll never leave you
He won’t forsake
Don’t be afraid
Don’t shy away
He’s not gonna leave you

[Newsboys- Say You Need Love Lyrics]

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