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My Bloody Valentine - Good For You Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
"Good For You" is an old song from My Bloody Valentine which was premiered in 2012.
The song is the first of three unreleased songs which will be premiered with the occasion of the reissue of "Isn't Anything" (1988) and "Loveless" (1991).

My Bloody Valentine – Good For You Lyrics

Celebrate the ways to me cause I want you to
Complicate that better and it’s never at you
Took out your fuse in two simple little lights
And it’s oh so near you and her

Hold on to your ṗrecious little smile for me
I could never let you go if I see
Trying to charge you left
Good for you my evil one

Twist me and incite me I won’t mind
Taste the sweets and ṗonder and incite me
Soft licker in her eyes, anger quietly
What do I say, I just have to let this be

[Lyrics to Good For You performed by My Bloody Valentine]

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