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Mushroomhead- Your Demise Lyrics

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Mushroomhead- Your Demise Lyrics 

Let your promises deflate,
As your children grow irate with life,
here inside (here inside).
Say goodbye (say goodbye).
In time you’ll have to face up to this
dying human race machine you prize,
Your Demise…

Is such the pill to swallow
echoed, your words ring hollow, still
You muster up some more lies
so hard to realize your fate
through swollen, twisted, blinding eyes
pushing the taste of you and I
through every hole

Twist back your whole tomorrow
Can’t count the daze inside the vein
that steel is crippling you now
tomorrow you won’t know your name
break down and burn for all your worth
in time to finish your last word
in time you’ll have to face up to this
dying human race machine you prize

Your Demise

[Mushroomhead- Your Demise Lyrics]

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