Misfits Announce UK Tour In February 2012

Published On : December 30, 2011

Misfits Will Go On a UK Tour In February 2012

Misfits have released their first studio album in over a decade, and in order to celebrate such an event, the horror punk band will be going on a UK tour to promote their album. Their new album “How To Sail A Sinking Ship” will be released in February, and right after the release they’ll be hitting the road in a series of concerts.

The new album is no different from what every Misfits fan craves for, “How To Sail A Sinking Ship” features 16 tracks, including frightening horror titles such as: “Twilight of the Dead”, “Dark Shadows”, “Curse of the Mummy’s Hand” and the title track of their latest album, “The Devil’s Rain”.

Their UK tour will consist of six tour dates which will start off at London’s O2 Islington Academy at the beginning of the February. The opening band is non other than JuiceheaD, who are also signed with the horror punk outfit’s own record label. The Misfits will be performing tracks from their recently released first album in more than eight years, namely “The Devil’s Rain”.

When asked about their upcoming new album, “How To Sail A Sinking Ship”, bassist Jerry Only declared: “The new album will only reinforce how potent the band has become with time. We plan to continue as always, to eclipse the past, block the sun and drag humanity by the throat into a world of darkness filled with ghouls, goblins and creatures of the night, where we are king.”

Below, you can see the complete list of tour dates and locations. Be sure to book a ticket in advance, it’s going to be a great horror show.

Note: this article needs corrections, because new information is available now:

“Juicehead, which is a band on Misfits Label, just released How to sail a sinking ship, NOT Misfits. Misfits released Devils Rain, in November.”


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