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Mindless Behavior - Intro Lyrics

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Mindless Behavior – Intro Lyrics

[Princeton:] Yo, wassup? We are…


[Princeton:] We just want to give a shoutout to all of our beautiful fans out there for purchasing our debut album. We hope you enjoy every single song. We put a lot of hard work and dedication into it.

[Roc Royal:] Wait, hold up Prince. Let’s also give a shoutout to the wonderful ladies out there ([All:]Yeah! All the beautiful girls, yeah!) We see you.

[Prodigy:] Yo, we can’t forget about the fellas ya’ll. ([All:] Yep)

[Princeton:] Wait, we want all our fans that purchased this album to stay Mindless 24/7. NO MATTER WHAT.

[Ray Ray:] Wait wait wait, hold up. We forgot one thing.

[All:] What is it?

[Ray Ray:] We’re looking for…

[All:] Our #1 Girl

[Mindless Behavior – Intro Lyrics]

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