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Milow - The Kingdom Lyrics

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Milow – The Kingdom Lyrics

Where I’m from there are no mountains
And time is standing still
Where I’m from there’s barely space left
Still they’re running up a hill
Where I’m from they don’t like changes
Even if alarm bells ring
Where I’m from they have a princess
Where I’m from they have a king

Where I’m from they don’t like dreamers
They are told to shut their mouth
Where I’m from they’re divided
Between the North and the South
Where I’m from it’s like a long night
That never turns to day
Where I’m from the kingdom’s trembling
Where I’m from they’ve lost the way

Sing it loud today
Sing it loud today
I’m singing it loud today
I am the one that got away

Where I’m from they just keep rooted
Heads are always hanging low
Where I’m from the Congo River
Never got nowhere to go
Where I’m from words are repeated
But they never really rhyme
Where I’m from the kingdom’s trembling
Where I’m from they’re losing time

Where I’m from there’s a lack of heroes
Both in politics and song
Where I’m from the more they fix it
The faster everything goes wrong
Where I’m from I still remember
So I will sing it every day
That this kingdom is still my kingdom
It’s encoded in my DNA

[Milow – The Kingdom Lyrics]

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