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Michael Jackson- We Be Ballin' Lyrics

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Michael Jackson- We Be Ballin’ Lyrics

Nothing you can say
Nothing you can do
We’ll be ballin you
We’ll be ballin you
No one can it…
And see what you’re goin’ through
We’ll be ballin you
We’ll be ballin you

Step back when I slap on the mike like that
Came from the ghetto and now it’s a better man
I got an… trick using my white head

I came up the disco when I go near
My game it kills Am I for real

I’m the Michael Jack the rap I close the deal
Getting’ grey in a… I’m gonna steal your wheel
Gonna… me a MILF… for my boys to kill
I love this stuff…
It ain’t easy pippin’ it pippin’ it and pay the bill
I’m ballin you and I’m… a century
I’m ballin too…


[Michael Jackson- We Be Ballin’ Lyrics]

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