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Meat Loaf- Blind Before I Stop Lyrics

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Meat Loaf- Blind Before I Stop Lyrics

And I’ll go blind before I stop
They’re gonna have to come along and lock me up
And I’ll go blind before I stop
‘Cause this boy Mama just- Wanna rock

There’s a two ton fireball burnin’ through the headphones
Cuttin’ up my heart, makin’ ashes of my soul
A lighting bolt petition, tonight I’m gonna sign
Trouble out my window and I’m gonna find it

Now I’m feelin’ the fever
Takin’ in the heat
Bouncin’ to the boogie
Hittin’ with the beat
Wrapped in the rhythm
Dancin’ ’till we drop


Moonlite madness masquerade
Got my invitation baby time to play
Rip of my headphones
Shove my arm into the socket
Sound comes rushing through me
like an intravenous rocket




Doin’ it in the market
Doin’ it in the mall
Doin’ it in the bushes
and the high school hall

Doin’ it in the alley
Doin’ it for free
Now they’re doin’ it baby
on MTV

Doin’ it in the backseat
Doin’ it on the beach
Doin’ it in the grandstand
just dancin’ on the seats

Doin’ it in the movies
Doin’ on the train Doin’ it mile high
in a big jet plane




[Meat Loaf- Blind Before I Stop Lyrics]

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