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Marilyn Manson- May Cause Discolouration Of The Urine Or Faeces Lyrics

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Marilyn Manson- May Cause Discolouration Of The Urine Or Faeces Lyrics 

[Blanche Wyer:] …6:30 this morning.
[Barb Warner:] I can’t hear ya.
[Blanche Wyer:] I woke at 6:30 this morning with a headache.
[Barb Warner:] Oh…
[Blanche Wyer:] I wonder to take ’em or not…
[Barb Warner:] I wouldn’t take ’em.
[Blanche Wyer:] I don’t know, the headache is heavier than anything else.
[Barb Warner:] It’s the first time that you took ’em?
[Blanche Wyer:] Second.
[Barb Warner:] Yeah…
[Blanche Wyer:] I had a little bit of a headache this morning.
[Barb Warner:] I wouldn’t take ’em, mom.
[Blanche Wyer:] I won’t take ’em now, ’cause I have a toothache that hurts too a little bit.
I’ve taken everything I got, been thinkin’
[Barb Warner:] All that blood pressure medicine you take and stuff too.
You shouldn’t take those things. You’re better off not to sleep then to take the…
[Blanche Wyer:] ?
[Barb Warner:] Oh, my god! No wonder you got a headache!
Your pressure’s probably sky high! Why don’t…You gotta take that every day!
[Blanche Wyer:] I try though…
[Barb Warner:] Are you crazy?
[Blanche Wyer:] It’s been 3 days…
[Barb Warner:] That’s probably why you have a headache now…Did you take it today?
[Blanche Wyer:] I did this morning, yeah.
[Barb Warner:] That’s probably why you have a headache, ’cause your pressure’s up.
[Blanche Wyer:] Yeah.
[Barb Warner:] I don’t know how you can forget to take it. And when that’s the only pill you take…
[Blanche Wyer:] I’m sorry, I have so many pills you’d be surprised.
[Barb Warner:] Well, the blood pressure pill is the most important one.
[Blanche Wyer:] Yeah, I know…
[Barb Warner:] There ain’t no other one as important as that one.
[Blanche Wyer:] I got one more and then I gotta get to the store. I got two refills on it.
[Barb Warner:] You only got one pill?!
[Blanche Wyer:] I only take one a day…
[Barb Warner:] Well, yeah, but you shouldn’t let ’em get that low…
[Blanche Wyer:] I guess not, but I can take one in the morning and then go get some more…
[Barb Warner:] They’re expensive! If you have to pay for ’em… Procardia?
[Blanche Wyer:] No, the other one.
[Barb Warner:] Which ones?
[Blanche Wyer:] I gotta pay for procardia.
[Barb Warner:] Were you taking that every day?
[Blanche Wyer:] Yeah.
[Barb Warner:] Well, that’s the blood pressure pill…
The heart pill, the procardia. And what’s the other one?
[Blanche Wyer:] Ah, H-Y-D-R-O-T-O-N.
[Barb Warner:] Oh, that’s something to do with water and… And… Water and, uh, blood pressure.
[Blanche Wyer:] This one tag does say it’s for blood pressure…
[Barb Warner:] Yeah, I think it works like a water pill type pressure,
but the procardia’s the important one.
[Blanche Wyer:] Yeah.
[Barb Warner:] You have to take that every day.
[Blanche Wyer:] Yeah.
[Barb Warner:] You should take that the first thing when you get up…
[Blanche Wyer:] Yeah…I know.
[Barb Warner:] Well, how come you ain’t got taken it?
[Blanche Wyer:] I took it yesterday, the procardia.
[Barb Warner:] Well, how come you didn’t take it today?
[Blanche Wyer:] I had the headache today…
[Barb Warner:] That’s why you have a headache! You gotta take the procardia…
Take it now! That’s what it’s for, your headache! It’s to make your blood pressure come down.
[Blanche Wyer:] Yeah.
[Barb Warner:] If you don’t you’re gonna ha…
You’ll have a stroke if you don’t take it. If you got a pretty…
Headache that bad you’re gonna have a stroke…
[Blanche Wyer:] I got a headache that bad this morning.
[Barb Warner:] Well, you better go take the procardia right now.
[Blanche Wyer:] I will, I’ll take it when I hang up.
[Barb Warner:] You didn’t take that other blood… blood pressure pill either?
[Blanche Wyer:] Yeah, I did this morning…
[Barb Warner:] Well, you should take the procardia right now.
[Blanche Wyer:] I’ll take the procardia in after nine. Got a horrible morning…
[Barb Warner:] Well, you…
[Blanche Wyer:] I’m glad you can’t see it.
[Barb Warner:] Well, how long has it been since you took the procardia?
[Blanche Wyer:] Three days.
[Barb Warner:] How many?
[Blanche Wyer:] Three…
[Barb Warner:] Well, see, that’s ridiculous… You better go take it right now.
[Blanche Wyer:] I will.
[Barb Warner:] Then you’ll find out your headache will go away.
[Blanche Wyer:] Yeah. I’ve taken it now, the procardia, just yet.
[Barb Warner:] Any other medicine you’re taking ain’t that important.
You ain’t got nothing but nerve pills. They ain’t important.
[Blanche Wyer:] I take those every day…
[Barb Warner:] Well, the nerve pills ain’t that important. The blood pressure medicine’s important.

[Marilyn Manson- May Cause Discolouration Of The Urine Or Faeces Lyrics]

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