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Madonna - I Don't Give A Lyrics (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

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Editor's comments:
Madonna released the second collaborative single with Nicki Minaj, off her highly anticipated 2012 album, "MDNA".
Apparently, the two divas do good music together, who would've guessed we'd see Madge and Nicki doing not one, but two songs together.

Madonna – I Don’t Give A Lyrics (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

i forgot to say my prayer,
baby jesus on the stairs
gotta sign the contract,
gotta get my money back
all the fighters off the coast
standing on the front porch

i’m gonna be okay,
i don’t care what the people say,
i’m gonna be all right,
gonna live fast and i’m gonna live right

i’m on the fast lane,
can you follow my track
i’m livin’ fast
and i like it like that

i do ten things all at once
and if you have a problem
i don’t give a

i tried to be a good girl,
i tried to be your wife,
diminished myself
and i swallowed my light
i tried to become all
that you expect of me
and if it was a failure
i don’t give a

i don’t give a fuck
i don’t give a fuck
i don’t give a fuck
i don’t give a


shots fire,
anything you hear nicki on, that’s fire
you don’t hear them bums or nothin’, that’s fire
tell ‘em, catch buyer
in the bugatti ten years and one tire
ayo madonna, maybe i say you original don dada
in that, yeah gabbana, and the, yeah prada
we material girls, ain’t nobody hotter”

[Lyrics to I Don’t Give A performed by Madonna (Feat. Nicki Minaj)]

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