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Lupe Fiasco - Supercold Lyrics

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Lupe Fiasco – Supercold Lyrics 

Cold blooded, killer skin
Can’t touch it like your front wheel when it’s really in
Wanna seat your freak like Free Willy friend
Wanted to see Free Willy really swim
I’m super cold, my jacket thin
My tuba low like a marching band
That means I’m super-deep, you surface skin
I’m the whole thing, you niggas 2%
Put em up on that carton, I think I’m losing em
Bring all those St. Bernards in
Let’s get some booze in them
You know them doggs with them barrels on they neck
And I’m a keep it cool like airholes on a Tec
I be moving birds like the scarecrows on the set
Part dope-ass nigga, an old man winner
Chrismastime diamond singing carols on my chest
Step up off the check
Looking like a Pharoah in the flesh

I’m super-cold

I’m super-cold, my freezer deep
My cooler closed: air-conditioned seats
They conviction weak, they be thawing out
My commitment keeps
12 months, hope that well jumps
Seems like selling souls, Heaven sells bumps
I be in to win while your sales slump
Your changes getting slim, mine on their 12th brunch
And they smell lunch: Hercules clump
Throw my weight around
Ain’t left the scale once
Always bear in mind: even with your white fur
We still polar opposites: you ice picks to icebergs
I’m colder than Universal Soldier
Angel on my back everywhere I’m at
Niggas don’t believe it just when I lay it down
And when I get back up and see my angel on the ground…


Chicken soup for souls, now who could use a bowl?
Don’t be salty now, trying to reduce my snow
Cause I just move em out: Ice Man
Fresh out a mutant’s skull
I ain’t no student though
Black Sean White and he skis, and he skates
And he leaves all types of cold tracks all behind me
And you can follow those if you ever wanna find me
Better dress warm or you’ll end up like the Shining
That boy or that lady with that nigga gone crazy
Pretty damn amazing: I can’t get out
So I’m forced to ride this elevator anywhere it takes me
But when I hit that flow, I’m a open up my door
Won’t be 3 stacks on your cousin, but just that super cold

[Lupe Fiasco – Supercold Lyrics]

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