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LL Cool J - We're Gonna Make It Lyrics (feat. Mary Mary)

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LL Cool J – We’re Gonna Make It Lyrics (feat. Mary Mary) 

[Mary Mary]
I know the Lord, will make a way
He will make a way, yessssssss he will
Yessssss, he willlllll

Ohhh, I do believe that we will make it
Yeahhh, yeahhh, yeahhh, yeahhhh

[LL Cool J]
Uhh uhh
I was at rock bottom, my whole life was mo’ problems
Reincarnation of a slave pickin cotton
Stress beamin down like the sun I felt rotten
to the core, was at war, cause the enemy is plottin
I hear him knockin, sayin that we got him
Hot like solar, he wanna burn my soul up
World on my shoulders but I roll back ya boulders
Words have a funny way of comin back to scold ya
Watch what come out of your mouth, you crack a molar
I tried to told ya, hehehe
Enemies gunnin, true believers ain’t runnin
or duckin, we ain’t scared of nuttin, ya feel me?
They wanna test me and press my buttons, oh really?
Allow Uncle L to hip y’all to somethin, uhh, uhh
Yeah, uhh, check it out
There’s a living power, make a man out a coward
Rebuild your strength like the new Trade Towers
I thought that I was over, my life got devoured
Now I’m on top and I pray for all the doubters
Time to shout it, sing it louder

[Chorus: Mary Mary]
Yeahhhhh, we’re gonna make it
We’re gonna make it (we’re gonna make it)
Thank God we made it (yeahhhhhhhhhhh)
And I mean it, yeah yeah, oh yeah

[LL Cool J]
I was feelin like my whole world was spinnin and spillin
on the ground and that God wasn’t willin
It seemed like the only ones ballin was the villains
Dollar signs in they eyes, lyin to our chill’un
I wanna kill ‘em, I’d rather God hit ‘em
They sellin venom and we buyin it like denim
These world wide webs they weave, we caught in ‘em
Old folks is dyin and CEO’s skimmin
The bat’s in your hand and this is the 9th inning
Keep your eyes on the ball when you swingin
Don’t be confused, don’t be fooled by the wind-up
Start switchin your position, make your mind up
Pull your bootstraps tight, get your grind up
Get your life lined up before time’s up
Yo, yo, you know what?
Take ten percent of that, dough you tryin to stack
Send it up to God, I guarantee he send it back
Multiply it by a hundred times, y’all remember that
That’s just a little jewel to get the monkey off your back
Uhh, yeah, sing it out now

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[LL Cool J]
In the darkest valley, through the loneliest alley
Never give up, press on through the storm
Weepin man fall, for the night seem long
But if you stand strong joy come within the morn’
And it goes, on and on and on and on and on and-ah
I know it feels like your back’s to the wall
Who’s sittin in the crib, and you don’t know who to call
(Jesus!) Hangin on a tight rope, fingers slippin off
But you ain’t by yourself dawg, we all been lost
Stay on your course, carry your cross
Ain’t no stoppin, got to keep it poppin
You want it, you can get it, believe me the king did it
Nothin gonna hold you back, there’s no limits
I’m sent to bring truth to rap, not gimmicks
And I’m not finished, man listen
Here’s the moral to the thesis, y’all cats need Jesus
He put your life back together, pick up the pieces
Word to the masses, I heard God asked us
for less fake rappers, and more real pastors
Uh-huh, uh-huh, so hereafter

[Chorus – 2X w/ ad libs]

[Mary Mary (LL)]
We made it, we made it
Through the storm and rain, yeahhhhhhh
You can make it, yes you can
You can make it, you got me
I know you can, I know you can
I know you can, yessssss, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I do believe we’ll make it (Hallelujah!)
(Glory! Glory!)

[LL Cool J – We’re Gonna Make It Lyrics (feat. Mary Mary)]

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