Linkin Park Premiere The Official Music Video For Burn It Down

Published On : May 25, 2012

Watch The New Music Video For Linkin Park’s “Burn It Down”

Linkin Park are treating fans with a brand new video for their latest single “Burn It Down” and it’s a pretty interesting clip to say the least! The new video which was released for our viewing pleasure on May 25th, takes the fans to a weird, gloomy place which brings back memories of one really spooky Alien spaceship. As a matter of fact, the whole Joe Hahn-directed is filled with sci-fi elements, so let’s have a look together.

As we would have expected, the highly anticipated visuals for Linkin Park’s “Burn It Down” are a real treat, and the band members wouldn’t have it any other way. Now… when we said that there’s a dark and gloomy place in the clip resembling an alien spacecraft, we weren’t that far off… it seems that the video director, Joe Hahn, who’s worked with Linkin Park for a long time, drew his inspiration from H.R. Giger’s design work on the legendary “Alien” series.

If the Alien influences weren’t enough, fans will also get to see the Linkin Park band members burning down after spontaneously combusting. And if you’re wondering what Linkin Park has to say about the clip, lead singer Chester Bennington declared that:

“Joe really goes for it. And, for whatever reason, I usually get it the worst. I’ve almost drowned, I had all this powder thrown in my face. On this new one, I was sweating like crazy. It was intense.”

If we’ve got your curiosity acting up about the new clip, have a look below and watch it in full. Let us know if you like Linkin Park’s new music video for “Burn It Down“.

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