Lady Gaga Releases Her Cover Of "White Christmas"

Published On : November 23, 2011

Lady Gaga Releases Her Cover Of “White Christmas”

Can you feel the joy of the holidays in the air? Thanksgiving is almost knocking on our doors and Lady Gaga has a treat in store for us. She’ll premiere a highly anticipated (or in some cases dreaded) Thanksgiving TV special in which we’ll be able to see and hear her singing a series of Christmas carols. Are you guys excited yet?

And since we’re talking about Christmas carols, a recent leak of Gaga’s “White Christmas” cover has immediately turned viral (but then again, thats what a “leak” is supposed to do!) The song will be included on a special holiday EP titled “A Very Gaga Holiday”, which will consist of four singles.

Unfortunately, so far the information about this new album is pretty scarce except for the release date which will be November 26th, 2011. What we do know is that the EP also features Gaga’s rendition of Nat King Cole’s famous “Orange Colored Sky”, as well as two acoustic versions of her own recent hits: “You And I” and “The Edge of Glory”.

As far as the recent leak is concerned, we can pretty much conclude that Lady Gaga had her way with Bing Crosby’s classic “White Christmas”. By that we mean that in addition to the one verse of the classic carol, the “Mother Monster” (as she calls herself) added her own special twist, in the form of a new verse about a crying snowman. Now, call us old fashioned, but you can’t just go and add some new lyrics to an already classic Christmas carol… no matter how eccentric you are! But hey, we are talking about Lady Gaga, aren’t we?

In the meantime, Gaga has quite a lot of things which are taking up her time. For example, if you’re stuck as far as Christmas presents go, and you happen to be close to Barney’s, New York, you should know that there’s a recently opened Gaga’s Workshop which is selling cookies, books, leather jackets, toys and Gag-esque armadillo-shaped shoes along with glitter-skulls made of chocolate.
Below you can listen to Lady Gaga’s version of Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” which will be included on her upcoming, special EP, “A Very Gaga Holiday” (set for release on November 26th, 2011). What do you think about the extra verse?

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