Lady Gaga Just Released two songs -"Marry the Night" and "Hair"

Published On : May 18, 2011

The saga of Gaga just keeps on steaming! Fresh on the heels of her exclusive release of “Hair” to iTunes this past Monday, she has wasted no time and has followed up with yet another release from her upcoming album “Born This Way” by releasing “Marry The Night” on her own facebook game,Gagaville. This, in the opinion of many music industry sources is absolutely brilliant!

According to Ann Lee from Metro.Co.Uk, you can access the exclusive track from within FarmVille at a very special farm called Gagaville. What, did you expect it to be named anything different? In order to access “Marry The Night”, players will have to complete certain quests in order to unlock Clear Channels iHeartRadio player. The marriage between Zynga, the creators of Farmville and Lady Gaga will no doubt be watched very closely to see just how effective this strategy can be. From all early indications, her fans are loving it and so is Facebook!
Will there be even more releases to Gagaville? David Lim from KOVideo reports that fans soon will have the opportunity to unlock two more “Born This Way” tracks, “Electric Chapel” and “Fashion of His Love”. No word yet though on when that will be.
The only thing we know for certain is that the long awaited and much talked about album “Born This Way will” FINALLY hit the stores on May23rd. Doesn’t it seem like everyone has been talking about her upcoming album forever?
Will the release of “Born This Way”  cement Lady Gaga as the undisputed Queen of Pop? Many of you might disagree, but Janet Winikoff from WakeyWakeyNews reported that Lady Gaga is the first person ever to reach the 10 million follower mark on the popular social site Twitter. This is on top of having over 10 million people friend her on Facebook! Can anyone here say “complete market dominance?”

So stay tuned right here ladies and gentleman to keep yourselves informed of all the latest on Lady Gaga as we patiently wait for what many consider will be the blockbuster album of the decade.

Below you can listen to her new song “Marry the Night”

and here you can listen to “Hair”

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