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Kristin Chenoweth - Fathers And Daughters Lyrics

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Kristin Chenoweth – Fathers And Daughters Lyrics

Well you laughed and told me you really wanted a boy
But you cryed first time you held me said you never felt such joy
That’s fathers and daughters

And when you took the training wheels right off my bike
That’s the first time I could feel my wings
‘Cause you taught me how to fly
That’s fathers and daughters

When I was a pink ballerina dancing in the kitchen
You held out your hand so I could try my luck at spinning
The world keeps turning always thru it all
I knew you would catch me
When I would start to fall
That’s fathers and daughters.

When you let me go out on my first date
You waited up and you didn’t tell Mom
Even tho’ I got home late
That’s fathers and daughters

And one day when that boy made my heart break
You told me that’s why God made tears
To wash the hurt away

Then I’m still that pink ballerina
Dancing in the kitchen
You hold out your hand
I go right back to the beginning
The world keeps turning always thru it all
You’re still there to catch me
I’m still learning how to fall
That fathers… and daughters
And daughters… and fathers

We grow up and discover
No one ever loves each other
Like fathers and daughters.

[Kristin Chenoweth – Fathers And Daughters Lyrics]

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