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Kendrick Lamar - Chapter Six Lyrics

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Kendrick Lamar – Chapter Six Lyrics 

[Refrain: Kendrick Lamar 2X]
Riding with them boys and girls and we’re high
All we want to do is have a good time
Young, wild and reckless is how we live life
Pray that we make it to twenty-one, one, one, one
Whoa-ohhh, whoa-ohhh
We make it to twenty-one, one, one, one
Whoa-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

I’m glad we were able to talk about her vice and her evils
There’s an even more important topic I’d like to discuss
The dysfunctional bastards of the Ronald Reagan era
Young men that learned to do everything spiteful
This is your generation, live fast and die young
Who’s willing to explain this story?

[Refrain 1.5X]

[Kendrick Lamar – Chapter Six Lyrics]

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