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Kelis - I Want Your Love Lyrics

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Kelis – I Want Your Love Lyrics 

I’m at work and you’re on my mind
And I’m hoping to find some time
To get your loving
Lately we’ve needed to take a break
So anxious that I can’t wait
To get your loving

[1] – I want your love
I need your love
You are the only that I’ve been dreaming of
I want love
I want your love, love, love
You know that I’ve gotta get your love

I’m know you’re boss can be real mean
Especially when you’re thinking of me
To get my loving
You want me yes I know
Tell me how far would you go
To get my loving

[2] – Baby don’t you hear me calling
If you have some time
You can come spend the night

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 1]

Many will search high and search low
But it’s like only few will know
To get this loving
The nerve to tell people these words
Baby, baby don’t we deserve
To get this loving

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 1]

Oh, oh, oh, oh

[Repeat 2]

[Repeat 2]

[Kelis – I Want Your Love Lyrics]

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